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Here are some answers to peoples questions:

1.This blogger is best viewed with FireFox at 1024x768 resolution

2.This blogger is gfx related, but more to gaming and anime. if other viewers would like different graphics, then request it, that's what the "Requests?" in the navigation menu is for.

3.No one else but myself works on this blogger. all info and gfx has come from my collection unless stated in the "Self-Made" links.

4.The reason why i only upload graphics is because if it was media downloads, then the files would probably die due to inactivity.

5.All the wallpapers will be no smaller than 1024x768,simply that 800x600 are too small for desktop wallpapers.

6.If you want to help out, just email me and ill sort something out.


» Renders: 450x750 or bigger (neg.)
» Wallpapers: 1024x768 or bigger,

7.If you have any other questions, please email me at tweak23@hotmail.co.uk , then, if it's a relivant question, then ill add it here.

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